Leading Women for Shared Parenting

What's the Purpose?

"We believe, in the absence of abuse, neglect or abandonment, children's desires, needs and interests are best served when they grow up loving equally, and equally loved by, both their parents.  Further, children benefit equally from the diversity of both mothers and fathers and from the maximum involvement of both parents.  Millions of family members, both women and men, have silently suffered the loss of children they love and care deeply about as a result of misguided laws and family court practices which systematically restrict a child’s access to one parent and half of their extended family.  Both children and families deserve better than to be forced into an adversarial process with policies that encourage the minimization of one parent in the lives of their children.  It is our aim to change this system.  The first step is endorsing the statement below.  The next step is inviting your friends and family members to do the same."

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 The Statement

"Shared Parenting is an issue which knows no bounds.  It is neither the domain of conservatives or liberals, poor or wealthy, and pays  no attention to ethnicity or gender. The issue transcends all demographics.  Our  goals are shared, and should be supported, across all sectors of society.

Children benefit most from the active involvement of both parents regardless of their marital status.  The undersigned recognize  that absent issues of abuse, neglect or abandonment, government  policy and laws must be structured in such a way as to maximize the  opportunity of all parents to contribute to the social, emotional, intellectual,  physical, moral and spiritual development of their children."


Thank You for Supporting the Leading Women for Shared Parenting statement. Please use the form on the contact page to send us your thoughts and comments. 

LW4SP also invites men to endorse the statement.  Please forward this page to your friends and family members and spread awareness through your social media outlets via facebook, twitter, etc.