Molly Olson

Molly Olson

Molly K. Olson, MBC

Molly founded the Center for Parental Responsibility in 1999.  Located in the twin cities area of St. Paul, Molly has been leading efforts to enact shared parenting in Minnesota.  Well known throughout the Capitol for her tireless efforts on behalf of children, Molly led the 2012 effort around HF322.  Her leadership led to passage of this bill by overwhelming margins in both the House and Senate.  The bill established a baseline of 35% time sharing for children with each parent in the event of divorce.  Ultimately, Minnesota's Governor, Mark Dayton, bowing to special interests, vetoed this very popular legislation. 

CPR's website is
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The video below is of one of Molly's many appearances testifying for Shared Parenting before Minnesota's judiciary committee.