Lise Bilodeau

Lise Bilodeau

Lise Bilodeau

Lise divorced after 15 years of marriage and three children. She has been living common-law for 13 years. Lise worked as a secretary and clerk in the judiciary for almost 40 years. She has always been sensitive to humanitarian causes. Lise worked as a volunteer at “Tel-Aide” (suicide prevention) and on behalf of female immigrants to Quebec.

Fourteen years ago, with Monsieur Pierre Grimbert, following a love affair that ended in an anguishing rupture, Lise founded ANCQ (Action des nouvelles conjointes et nouveau conjoints du Quebec/ Representation for new common law partners of Quebec).

Upon her retirement, Lise became a co-host on radio and began giving speeches. For the last eight years, she has worked full time as a volunteer for her association, ANCQ. She no longer counts the hours she has spent in meeting, helping and counselling people.

ANCQ has two wings: one is compassionate help to individuals in need and the other is socio-political (see attached document).

ANCQ has published two books:

  • From Love to Hate (2008)
  • 300,000 battered women, do you believe it? (2010), a collection of essays. One entire chapter, written by Lise Bilodeau, “Another point of view on the situation of women in Quebec,” raises the awareness of people on what has happened to feminism and its impact on fathers in Quebec.

Lise has written over 150 newspaper articles, given innumerable radio and TV interviews, met with many government officials, including the prime minister of Canada, and appeared before the Senate. She is a well-known and influential presence wherever this topic is discussed.

Lise website may be found here.