Carmen M. Colon

Carmen M. Colon

Carmen M. Colon

A community advocate most of my adult life, I've organized and facilitated workshops on empowerment, advocacy and leadership during my years as a Parent-Teacher Association President, School Board President and a Brooklyn Borough President Appointee parent representative. I've provided worksheets and workbooks on self-empowerment and on how to team build, recognize skill-sets, how to acquire them, use them and simply "get paid". Branding myself "my own commodity" in 2002 (before it was fashionable)

I've taught classes on social networking and getting to your goal. I've been a Facilitator and Public Speaker for Women and Youth in Non-Traditional Roles for over 25 years, a Trainer and Lecturer for Women and Youth in Leadership and Career Training for 18 Years, and a Community Advocate and Organizer / Parent Leader Role in Public School Educational System for 12 years.

I've worked in engineering since 1983 when I graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School with honors, majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology. I received my Associates Degree in Mechanical in 1992 but not after having been a drafts-person helping design our first conveyor belt counters for Supermarkets. I have worked as an assistant to the Directors of RD&D, Planning & Administration and Tax in my capacity as an assistant engineer for 20 years at the local utility in Brooklyn.

I've written books and poems about the human condition, I champion issues that I am familiar with and I invest time, energy and funding into projects concerning young people.

I am the mother of three amazing civic-minded individuals. With my children at my side we co-founded the Brooklyn Children's Volunteers Club; an after school program when my sons were six, 9 and 12 respectively. I always had my sons as partners in all of my community activities and now that they are all on their own they have continued to provide their civic duty most happily.

The issue of shared parenting means the world to me. I was raised by my father.  He is the reason I am as prepared for life as I am. He made sure I had access to my mother, as much as I wanted, as often as I wanted and - WITHOUT JUDGMENT. This is my way of celebrating my father and all those fathers out there struggling simply to get the opportunity to share in the lives of their children. 

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