Marilyn Petitto Devaney

Marilyn Petitto Devaney

Marilyn Petitto Devaney

Marilyn is serving in her eighth term as an elected member of the Governors Council, the elected body which approves Judicial Nominees in the State of Massachusetts.  Previously, Marilyn served for over two decades on the Watertown City/Town Council and was never defeated. She received various awards including recognition from  Beaverbrook Step for her work and support for people with disabilities and the "Watchdog of the Watertown Council" award from a Watertown Neighborhood.

Since being elected to the Governor's Council, Marilyn has focused on making positive changes.  When first elected  to the Governor's Council Marilyn was appalled to see the practice of the the Governor's Councillors. The councillors she was serving with were accepting monies from the nominees they were voting on - right up until the time they voted on the nominee.  (Documented in the nominee's Questionnaire listing the nominees' political contributions). Marilyn stopped that past practice, by having former Governors and Governor Patrick include in their executive orders - to prohibit the nominee to give contributions to Governor's Councillors, Governor and Lt. Gov upon application.

Marilyn saw that the Parole Board had all prosecutors . She investigated and found it was not in compliance with the state statute for over 30 years. She worked to successfully change that - Now the Parole board, for example, has a member who can identify inmates' mental disorders, learning disabilities, etc. to provide the servces they require to be prepared when they are released.  Marilyn, for Public transparency, developed the first public Governors Council website- it lists all the councillors, their district and boards and commissions  that the council votes on and explains the duties of each board. It lists the recent names of nominees appointed by the Governor that will appear before the Council for a vote- It lists the date and times of their hearings and invites the public to attend these public hearings.

Marilyn has the best attendance record of any councillor past or present.

Marilyn  is the only councillor who meets with every nominee for every position. Marilyn also meets with individuals in her due diligence regarding nominees-in addition- early in her tenure- she met with members of the Fatherhood Coalition to educated herself, to understand the issues they are facing.

Marilyn does not accept travel expenses, Marilyn states that the people she represents don't get paid to drive to work.

Marilyn has been called the hardest working councillor-not a rubber stamp on the Council.

Marilyn received an an endorsement from the Lowell sun when she no longer represented Lowell ( due to redistricting). It meant so much to Marilyn - because even though Lowell  could not vote for her- the paper said she deserves to remain on the Council.  The Lowell Sun endorsed her because they stated how she has brought transparency to the Council and fights against political appointments. Among her endorsements -   Congressman Capuano, Congressman McGovern, Congressman Lynch and her cousin- former State Auditor A. Joseph Denucci for being the voice of the people on the Council.

Marilyn's late husband Jack, was a firefighter and United States Marine. She has four children and three grandchildren. She Started college with four children and with her husband's support. She earned an ABA degree from Middlesex Community College, a BS degree from Suffolk University and a Masters Degree from Boston State College. She is  corporator of the  Watertown Boys and Girls Club, past Vice President of the Mass Municipal.

Marilyn has also served on the Association (MMA) City Council Association (voted by her peers across the State.) for 22 years as a member of the Commission on Disabilities as well on many other community boards. She currently serves as a member and  executive board member of the Ladies Auxiliary Post #440 American Legion.