Amy Sherman, Esq.

Amy Sherman, Esq.

Amy Sherman, Esq.

Amy has practiced law for 20 years in Nebraska, the last 15 being focused on Divorce and Family Law.  She is the mother of two adult boys who were raised in a shared parenting time arrangement for over a 15 year period.  

Amy has lobbied, along with a group of other attorneys and citizens, for the past seven years, for the passage of a law that would create a presumption that joint legal and physical custody is in a child's best interests.   

When the Nebraska Bar Association lobbied against Shared Parenting in 2007 Amy resigned her seat on the House of Delegates of the Nebraska State Bar Association and now support efforts to de-unify the state bar association.  

Amy has brought two cases on behalf of parents against the State and the Department of Health and Human Services for violations of parents' right to familial integrity and in one of those cases a law that did not specifically require the State to notify a non-custodial parent that their child was placed in foster care was declared unconstitutional. 

Amy represents both men and women and has brought the issue of parental alienation and the impact it has on a parent-child relationship before the Courts in her jurisdiction in a number if cases. She has also handled a number of cases where one parent is requesting to move out of the state with the child or children. The Nebraska Supreme Court has called applications for removal as some of the most difficult cases they have to decide. 

She frequently appears before the Nebraska Court of Appeals and the Nebraska Supreme Court. 

Amy has practiced most of the past 11 years  as a sole practitioner but currently practices with one other attorney William Gilner, Esq. forming the professional corporation Sherman & Gilner, PC LLO. 

She is married, has four sons, two step sons, two step daughters and she and her husband are legal guardians of a fourteen year old girl. Their youngest child is 18 months old and their oldest is 21.