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quillette.com Divorce and the 'Silver Bullet'
"Divorce is almost always an ugly and painful experience. But for parents with children, there are additional heart-rending realities to confront. No loving parent wants to be absent for their kids’ many firsts and bests—the first tooth falling out, the first goal scored, and so on. Countless goodnight kisses will be missed, and at crisis moments when they need you most (and for the many ..."

www.fatherly.com How does child support work with joint custody?
"Focus On (at Least) 50 Percent Custody “The tradition for the past 40 years of mothers having children 26 days per month and dad seeing his children every other weekend is a completely outdated model not backed by research,” Olson says."

The Conservative Woman The Politics Of Fatherlessness
"As social pathologies linked to fatherlessness abound, few understand how public policy contributes to the situation. A myriad of special interests, think tanks, party leaders and elected officials formulate public policy, including on the issue of fatherlessness......"

The Daily Caller The Politics Of Fatherlessness
"As social pathologies linked to fatherlessness abound, few understand how public policy contributes to the situation. A myriad of special interests, think tanks, party leaders and elected officials formulate public policy, including on the issue of fatherlessness......"

The People's Paper For Your Children’s Sake, Support HB368
"Do you support Alaska’s HB368? Have you called your representatives yet and told them to support it? For our children’s sake, you need too. You can find your representatives' contact info in this publication. Do not delay. A parent's separation or divorce may end their relationship, but parents must be encouraged to work together to ensure that both remain a part of their children’s lives....."

The Conservative Woman Time to fight back against fatherlessness
"Google ‘fatherlessness UK’ and you’ll find the last article published on the topic in the mainstream media was a year ago, a whole year after the one before. Iain Duncan Smith is the lone politician to have identified the problem and the need to address it.
Him apart, the fact that a million and more children are growing up without fathers has not generated much media interest. Nor has the fact that the number of lone parent-led families is increasing by 20,000 a year, nor that in some areas of the country fatherlessness has reached such high levels that they are virtual ‘men deserts’...."

The Daily Caller American Popular Culture Has Portrayed Fathers As Drooling Idiots For WAY TOO LONG
"Most people see thousands of media images daily. Over time, these portrayals help shape our expectations of parenthood, in ways some call "gender stereotyping"..."

The Daily Caller Too Many States Have Laws That Literally Offer Financial Incentives To DESTROY Families
"While it obviously takes money to raise children, existing child support laws create fatherless kids. Calls to restructure child support aren’t new as editorials have appeared in The Washington Post..."

Families Unite The Establishment Creates Fatherless Kids. You Should Read This…
"It's an epidemic of fatherless kids. No wonder children are having a tough time growing up these days. Read Terry Brennan's post on the subject, The Establishment Creates Fatherless Kids."

The Daily Caller The Establishment Creates Fatherless Kids
"Attorney Robert Franklin recently said: “The terrible effect of fatherlessness on children, including when they become adults, is the single greatest social ill we face. And yet we promote it – actively promote it – as a matter of public policy."

National Parents Organization Terry Brennan Begins His Series Of Articles On Fatherlessness
"Co-founder of Leading Women for Shared Parenting and longtime friend of the National Parents Organization, Terry Brennan began his series on fatherlessness in the United States this past Monday in The Daily Caller (Daily Caller, 3/19/18). Brennan is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world about fatherlessness and one of our most dogged and effective activists. His series of articles is a must-read for anyone looking to educate themselves about the panoply of issues that cluster around fatherlessness and family courts."

Roundhouse Radio Canadian radio program on the need for shared parenting
"It's a heavy topic but you're going to love it because we all know someone who's struggling with perhaps a divorce or a separation or a situation where there are kids involved and the kids become pawns. And the aprents, they're mad; they're mad at each other and the kids end up getting caught in the crossfire with regard to power."

stream.org The Ignored Correlation Between Fatherlessness and Mass Shooters
"No one wants to talk about the importance of fathers in boys' lives, because society is too concerned with not stigmatizing single mothers. New gun laws would not have stopped the Parkdale school shooter. The laws already in place should have stopped him. They failed. The people responsible to protect the public from people like the killer dropped the ball. In any case, mentally deranged killers don’t care about laws."

parentherald.com Shared Parenting Latest News : Shared Parenting Bill Dividing Lawmakers? Massachusetts Senate Opposes Shared Parenting Legislation
"Due to the impact of divorce or separation to a child's well-being, many experts believed that shared parenting law can help reduce the increasing cases of parental alienation in a broken family setting. But even though most if not all people are in favor of the shared parenting concept, many legislators were still torn with the idea of amending the current divorce law to make shared parenting an official part of post-separation parenting plans."

medium.com Children Need Their Fathers
"The statistical reality — of which experts are more than fully aware — is that fatherlessness plays a huge role in school shootings, along with crime and incarceration rates. But, most mainstream media outlets don’t have the guts to confront these statistics? Why? Because they don’t want to anger their female viewership, let alone rock the boat when it comes to the popular narrative that women can have it all and do it all — including motherhood — all by themselves."

pjmedia.com When Will We Have the Guts to Link Fatherlessness to School Shootings?
"Now that the gun control advocates have had their fifteen minutes of fame, let’s start focusing on the real issues impacting the rise in school shootings since that infamous day in Columbine in 1999. Issue number one that no one in the mainstream media or government wants to acknowledge: fatherlessness. Specifically, the impact of fatherlessness on the boys who grew up to become school shooters."

washingtonpost.com Weighing what’s best for children and parents in custody policy
"In 2014, 110 world experts on child custody, child development, attachment and domestic violence endorsed a paper calling for shared parenting in family law. Citizens also support shared parenting, with poll after poll showing 70 percent favorability and women and men supporting it in roughly equal numbers. There are also more than 50 peer-reviewed papers supporting shared parenting."

townhall.com Rachel Alexander - Sexism Is Alive and Well in North Dakota Courts
"We all know there is bias in the family court system, usually against fathers. But generally it’s merely anecdotal evidence. That has changed with a study out of North Dakota which analyzes custody decisions by individual judges. Leading Women for Shared Parenting, which I am a member of, obtained the raw data on custody determinations in the state from January 2011 through mid-June of 2017."

dadsdivorce.com North Dakota Shared Parenting Study Exposes Unbalanced System
"Leading Women for Shared Parenting recently completed a comprehensive review of child custody determinations for the state of North Dakota from 2011 through 2017 and the findings are quite concerning. The results show an unbalanced system of justice in the state. Although the population in North Dakota is highly homogenous, shared custody awards vary by more than 100 percent when comparing county to county or judicial district to judicial district results."

minotdailynews.com Study: State’s parents back shared parenting; judges don’t
"In North Dakota, a child’s chances of spending meaningful time with each parent following divorce have less to do with his parents than what county they divorce in. For example, there’s a whopping 100% difference in joint custody between Grand Forks and Morton counties. Worse, courts are less than one-fourth as likely to order shared parenting as parents are to agree to it. Those and other worrying facts have come to light in a study of court orders in child custody cases conducted by the organization Leading Women for Shared Parenting."

sayanythingblog.com Report Shows Where You Get Divorced in North Dakota Could Have a Big Impact on Child Custody Outcomes
"North Dakota has had a long-running debate over shared parenting. Multiple ballot measures, and multiple legislative efforts, over the years have resulted in some reforms though shared parenting proponents still want more reform....."

websterkirkwoodtimes.com Fighting For Men's Parenting Rights
"There are many willing and able fathers who are being systematically pushed out...."

stream.org Yes, Christian Women Can Overcome Hurdles to Become Leaders
"Lately, Lang has championed shared parenting. She wrote, “Separating parents, usually fathers, are caught in a black vortex, fighting for the ability to remain an active part of their children’s lives, sparring with mothers who too frequently use their hurt and anger to alienate their partners from their children...."

Dad's Divorce Fixing Divorce to Strengthen Marriage
"Leslie Loftis, a member of Leading Women For Shared Parenting, explains how more education is needed about how the divorce process and argues that one of the..."

thedickinsonpress.com Advocates, opposition unhappy with shared parenting amendments
"Advocates for the shared parenting bill feel the Senate gutted the legislation this week, while the opposing parties are not entirely satisfied either. On Wednesday, the Senate passed an amended version of House Bill 1392, relating to shared parenting time and responsibility, 28-19 after it received a do-pass recommendation from the Senate judiciary committee the day before....."

dailycaller.com To Fix Marriage, We Need To Fix Divorce
"Marriage is in decline. In roughly 35 years, or about two generations depending on the age of marriage, the percentage of married men aged 20-39 has halved. This is not a conundrum only for the curious. The decline of marriage has far reaching negative consequences for men, women, and most especially children. Yet, the data testifies that men do not want to get married. The quick and easy assumption is that they prefer the single life. But if the answer is that simple, then why the dramatic change in since the 1970’s?...."

dianebederman.com Fathers and their children have rights, too
"It’s been far too long since I wrote a piece about emotional abuse-the silent killer-too often by suicide far more often the death of the soul that is felt but not seen. Unlike physical abuse where you can go to the authorities and say –see-look at my injuries, you can’t show the damage of emotional abuse to others. Sadly, too often, people in authority won’t see the abuse no matter how well it is articulated....."

sayaythingblog.com Leslie Loftis: In Emails State Bar Association Members Insult State Lawmakers Over Shared Parenting Bill - Say Anything
"Usually, I have great sympathy for elected officials.
They’re routinely asked to decide on a wide range of public policy issues, and it’s impossible to develop expertise before their vote is required. Those deserving to represent citizens reach out to noted experts, to benefit from their knowledge and cast informed votes.
That is not happening in North Dakota today. Last week, needed child custody reforms were gutted and then passed out of committee. Previous custody reforms had failed against opposition from the State Bar Association of North Dakota (SBAND). This time, SBAND pushed for, and got, a useless bill, so legislators could vote “for” something and give the public the impression that action had been taken...."

inforum.com Involve Experts In Shared Parenting Debate
"Imagine taking your child for treatment of a serious illness and the physician saying, "We don't pay any attention to the research."You'd think the doctor guilty of malpractice, for willful ignorance of your child's affliction. Yet a similar situation happens with an issue impacting 1.5 million..."

thearcmag.com We Have Forgotten Our State Capitals and City Halls
"“Your tweet was so perfect. And yet it continued.” That perfect comment appeared in my inbox in response to an apparently excellent tweet about some drama in President Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress. This latest drama, ‘who stood up to applaud Trump honoring a fallen member of the military?’, displaced 24+ hours of drama about Oval Office furniture. The left complained about presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway putting her feet on the Oval Office couch and the right replied with assorted pictures of President Obama’s feet on the Resolute desk, chair, and Oval Office coffee table. ".......

success.com 7 Rules to Be Wealthy as a Single Parent
"There are 12 million single-parent-led households in the U.S., a figure that continues to climb as the number of babies born to unmarried mothers grows. In fact, 57 percent of millennial moms in the U.S. are not married when they give birth, according to a Johns Hopkins University study. ".......

lifezette.com Shared Parenting After Divorce Gains New Attention
"Should parents have shared, 50-50 custody (or close to it) after a divorce? A new study says yes. The status quo relative to child custody proceedings right now in the United States is that children — especially young children — should have a “primary parent” (usually the mother) after a divorce, visiting with the “noncustodial parent” (usually the father) typically every other weekend. However, recent studies suggest that children, even infants and toddlers, benefit from as close to equal time as possible with each parent after a divorce. Six states have introduced equal-shared parenting legislation in 2017. More are expected to follow suit. “Good quality relationships with parents in young adulthood predict better stress-related physical and mental health for the children later in life,” said William Fabricius, lead author of the new study and an associate professor of psychology at Arizona State University. ".......

threadmb.com Suzanne Venker: Alpha Women. Beta Wives.
"Share a social cause or cause-based organization close to your heart? Leading Women for Shared Parenting, an organization that believes children need equal time with both parents after a divorce. ".......

thefederalist.com Kellyanne Conway Gets Why Feminism Has Become Toxic To Our Sons
"Toxic feminism tells our daughters their worth is in their career. It tells our sons they are worthless. ".......

eastorlandopost.com Shared Parenting 101: Why It Makes Sense For Families
"Sole custody determinations are the source of conflict. Shared parenting is designed to reduce this conflict and work towards the best interest of the children. ".......

www.wealthysinglemommy.com Why shared parenting is a moral, feminist, and economic issue
"The growing momentum of the father's rights and shared parenting movement is changing the way families co-parent and divorce.".......

www.washingtonexaminer.com GOP must act on the national epidemic of absent fathers
"To hear the media and politicians talk about fatherlessness, you might assume the topic is solely about derelict dads. It isn't. Father absence is primarily about a culture that has little regard for fathers and the role they play in children's lives. Consider the following: In 2010, at a press conference to promote the film The Switch, actress Jennifer Aniston said women are realizing that you don't have to settle, you don't have to fiddle with a man to have that child. In a 2010 article in the Atlantic titled Are Fathers Necessary? New York Times editor Pamela Paul wrote, The bad news for Dad is that despite common perception, there's nothing objectively essential about his contribution. In a CNN interview with Maureen Dowd about her book, Are Men Necessary?, Dowd says, Now that women don't need men to reproduce and refinance, the question is, will we keep you around? And the answer is, 'You know, we need you in the way we need ice cream — you'll be more ornamental.'".......

processhistory.org Politicizing and Practicing Motherhood
"In 2013, Schlafly found herself in the unlikely position of advocating alongside former NOW president Karen DeCrow, whom she had bitterly debated over fifty times when they stood on opposite sides of the ERA debate four decades earlier. By 2013, albeit for disparate ideological reasons, they joined forces to promote Leading Women for Shared Parenting, Schlafly defending men’s right to be involved fathers and DeCrow challenging the idea that mothers are inherently more fit parents than fathers. This curious historical development merits our attention. Feminism and conservatism are arguably the most important social movements of our time, and Schlafly’s passing is an occasion to better understand them as persistently interwoven rather than in polar opposition.".......

dailycaller.com Abduction By Adoption
"Could your teenage child be secretly adopted without your knowledge? If New Jersey sets the example, then the answer looks like yes. The New Jersey horror story started out typically enough. Parents of three children got a divorce. To make the transition as easy as possible on their children, these parents agreed to custody arrangements outside of court.".......

time.com The Growing Case for Shared Parenting After Divorce
"For decades, there was a widely held belief they should have one home with the primary caretaker, often the mother. But that status quo is changing. Absent some mitigating factor, such as an abusive mom or a mentally ill dad, many experts now agree that kids are happier and healthier when they can “maintain and build on meaningful relationships with both of their parents,” says Michael Lamb, who teaches psychology at the University of Cambridge. More often than not, that requires living under the same roof as each parent for significant periods of time–which is possible only under joint, not sole, custody. These claims are supported by reams of data, but the reasoning behind them is mostly commonsense: when it comes to parenting, two minds are better than one.".......

thegazette.com Shared Parenting: Kids win when separated parents have equal rights and responsibilities
"The statistics are one-sided, and the impact immense. Twenty-four million children in America — one out of three — live without their biological father in the home. Forty percent of the children living in fatherless homes haven’t seen their father in over a year, and 26 percent of absent fathers live in different states than their children. Children in an intact family have unlimited and unrestricted time and access to both parents. However with divorce or separation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 82.2 percent of custodial parents are mothers, and 17.8 percent are fathers. Additionally, the percentage of children born outside of marriage has skyrocketed often leaving non-custodial parents (mostly fathers) with limited parenting time.".......

dailycaller.com When Phyllis Schlafly Agreed With The Far Left
"Since her passing, we’ve seen the typical media response in summarizing the life and accomplishments of Phyllis Schlafly. Those who loved her politics praised her achievements, those who loathed her politics denigrated her beliefs or tried to re-write history, as if her work was irrelevant. Sadly, this isn’t surprising, given the polarized nature of US politics. But nowhere have we seen the indisputable fact that at times, Phyllis Schlafly and the far left agreed. As controversy sells more newspapers, that too is unsurprising, but if we’re interested in having the best public policy, perhaps opposite ends of the political spectrum agreeing is an event deserving of more attention.".......

usnews.com Better Time, Better Parents
"Child custody law reform is happening all over the country. The most recent reform takes effect this week: It is Missouri's policy recommendation that encourages courts to maximize time children have with each of their parents. The research shows that children want open contact with both parents and that meaningful involvement with both parents produces the best outcomes for children. The idea of shared parenting polls around 70 percent approval, yet few people realize that shared arrangements are not typical until they or someone close to them goes through divorce. It is a shock how quickly courts separate children and one parent, usually their fathers.".......

kearneyhub.com Fatherlessness
"The Kearney Hub deserves praise for calling out the largest social issue impacting America. Fatherlessness is an epidemic connected to virtually every social pathology in children. More local papers, who are in the trenches of America’s problems, are calling out the desperate need to address fatherlessness, even as national media stays silent.".......

desmoinesregister.com Research supports shared parenting
"As president of a special interest group of lawyers, Skip Kenyon attempts to create fear to derail proposed legislation. That’s why his Iowa View was titled “Changing child custody laws could lead to abuse” [Aug. 21]. Anything “could” happen in life, which is why we examine the odds. As Leading Women for Shared Parenting has some of the best domestic violence practitioners in the world among its members, their experience far outweighs Kenyon’s fear mongering.".......

nationalparentsorganization.org Opponents Of Massachusetts Shared Parenting Bill Offer Only Tired, Disproven Excuses
"The Massachusetts Senate killed shared parenting legislation this year. The bill that had passed the House died in the Senate Judiciary Committee at the end of the legislative session. This is business as usual in the Bay State. As is so often the case, those with a financial stake in the conflict caused by child custody cases, i.e. divorce lawyers, opposed the bill. Apparently they had the muscle to stop it and they did. The people of Massachusetts have voted overwhelmingly for shared parenting, but the lawyers are opposed, so the bill died.".......

patch.com 'Conflict' Shouldn’t Withhold a Shared Parenting Vote: Op-Ed
"The Massachusetts House recently passed a Shared Parenting bill, a momentous achievement, fourteen years in the making. The bill was a compromise effort of a Governor’s Working Group including bar associations, chief justices, parent’s groups, and advocates for domestic violence.".......

townhall.com Rachel Alexander - Help, My Child Has Cancer. Call a Lobbyist!
"No one cares what a lobbyist has to say when dealing with a physical ailment such as cancer. Nor even psychological issues for the most part. But when it comes to the long list of ailments children experience due to divorce, those in power ignore the world’s leading researchers and bizarrely give credence to lobbyists instead".......

conservativewoman.co.uk US and UK family courts cause heartbreak to separated fathers
"When asked about opening his law firm’s first office in the UK, Scott Trout, Managing Partner of Cordell and Cordell, one of the largest family law firms in the United States, stated:
“It was a big step for us to go to the UK, I was over there pretty much for the last year and a half, going back and forth just trying to make sure everything was opened up, and one of the things I was interested in seeing was whether or not guys in the UK face the same situations as in the US. I didn’t think it would be, but it was amazing. If I didn’t know there was an accent, I would think I was in the United States. The same issues that guys face in terms of discrimination in the UK are the very same things that guys face and the troubles they have in the United States.”"......

pjmedia.com Should Republicans 'Man Up' On Fatherlessness?
""Yes," says Terry Brennan, the co-founder of Leading Women for Shared Parenting. In a piece over at the Daily Caller, he says: For decades, Republicans have preached they’re “Pro-Family,” espousing traditional marriage as best. Emboldened by studies showing children fare best in intact families, and fearing the religious right, the message was simple: Marriage is best, so get married and stay married. But those interested in public policy know, positions need to withstand three tests: they should be reviewed for effectiveness, be comprehensive and stand up to rigorous critique. Republican policy fails all three. I generally don't like it when people use the term "man up," but in this case it sounds appropriate."......

dailycaller.com Republicans Should Man Up On Fatherlessness
"For decades, Republicans have preached they’re “Pro-Family,” espousing traditional marriage as best. Emboldened by studies showing children fare best in intact families, and fearing the religious right, the message was simple: Marriage is best, so get married and stay married. But those interested in public policy know, positions need to withstand three tests: they should be reviewed for effectiveness, be comprehensive and stand up to rigorous critique. Republican policy fails all three."......

news.nationalpost.com Barbara Kay: Want to help society? Let kids know their fathers
"Fathers Day — celebrated this Sunday — is rapidly becoming the most meaningless holiday of the year. Or, for too many kids, the saddest. U.S. government statistics tell us that over a third of all American children are not living in two-parent homes: forty per cent of children are born out of wedlock and between 33-50 per cent of children of divorce lose complete contact with one parent within three years. Usually it’s the father."......

dadsdivorce.com Why Is It So Hard To Pass Shared Parenting Legislation?
"Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the shared parenting movement is that despite such overwhelming support, progress continues to inch forward in tiny increments. That isn’t to say things aren’t moving in the right direction. Twenty states considered shared parenting laws in 2015. More states are already joining the fold in 2016. Still, actually passing legislation often proves to be extremely difficult."......

dailycaller.com Fatherlessness: What Are Republicans Doing About It?
"Politicians prefer to define problems in a way that makes them fixable, especially if We the People granted politicians more power. While they try to look busy with the easy, fixable problems, they ignore problems — perhaps the real problems — that are hard to solve. Thus, they often seem more concerned with looking like they are fixing things so they can preserve their own position than actually taking on meaningful reform."......

naplesnews.com Guest commentary: Will Scott side with establishment or people on shared parenting?
"In their article "Explaining the Trump Phenomenon," Stanford Professors David Brady and Douglas Rivers consider if the anti-establishment rise is caused by Americans believing "special interests use their money to get their way most or all of the time and the government does not care about people like them."......

nationalparentsorganization.org Olson And Brennan: Opposition To Shared Parenting = Establishment Politics Causing Citizen Revolt
"Friends of National Parents Organization, Molly Olson and Terry Brennan, recently published this op-ed (Sun Sentinel, 3/22/16). The Sentinel is to be congratulated for posting their piece, particularly given the recent spate of articles in Florida newspapers opposing SB 668 becoming law."......

"Loaded with money confiscated from mandatory dues, these powerful unions are constantly expanding their reach and authority through political activism and lobbying. Controlled by Democrats, the money always goes to promote left-wing causes. Although the Arizona State Bar already had the third highest bar dues in the country, last year its board of governors voted to increase dues by another 13 percent, to $520 annually by 2019 – which doesn’t even include the cost of 15 hours of mandatory continuing legal education. Inactive attorneys are charged $265 annually, the highest in the nation and more than some active attorneys in other states."......

www.sun-sentinel.com Shared parenting popular, but still faces roadblocks
In "Explaining the Trump Phenomenon," Stanford professors David Brady and Douglas Rivers consider if the anti-establishment rise is caused by American's believing "special interests use their money to get their way most or all of the time and the government does not care about people like them."......

www.dadsontheair.com.au Leading Women for Shared Parenting
"Why would leading women want to join a group that is striving to achieve the sharing of time that children spend with both parents after separation or divorce? If the approach of the Courts and the legislature has always been that the mothers are essential, fathers not so, why would these women work tirelessly to make changes?......"

www.silive.com Child custody? Favor shared parenting in divorces
"In view of the legal trend to presumptions that favor shared parenting custody arrangements in divorces, Advance columnist Daniel Leddy wrote an April 28 article opposing this development.
The article is a series of unsupported assertions. Bare assertions hide truth......"

enterstageright.com Goldwater Institute sues: State bars are unconstitutional mandatory unions
"State bars are acquiring a chilling reputation for misusing the dues of attorneys forced to join them, including using those dues to target conservative attorneys. Right-leaning attorneys are frequently disbarred and disciplined for actions completely unrelated to the practice of law, a gross overreach of power. Oddly, even though there is no realistic difference between state bars and unions, the former still exist in a mandatory capacity in over half the states - including right-to-work states....."

tomjameslaw.com/ Shared Parenting Ballot Measure No. 6: What Is Going On In North Dakota?
"North Dakota voters will have an opportunity this year to vote on an initiative that would give both mothers and fathers equal rights in custody cases, and make equal time the default position. Current North Dakota law is silent about whether sole or joint custody is in children’s best interests, or how much time each parent should be allowed with his or her children. Instead, judges are simply instructed to consider a variety of "best interest" factors...."

thefederalist.com What 'New' Studies Say is Best for Children of Fractured Homes
"What is the best custody arrangement for children after divorce? Most of us outside of family lawyers and courts don’t think about that question until we are faced with it. And then adults tend to choose administrative stability, figuring the kids are as exhausted and spent as themselves. Children of divorce face such an upheaval that it makes sense to adults that the children need time to rest and recover..."

davidberner.com Episode Number 130: ROB KRUYT & GEORGIALEE LANG
"Equal Parenting After Divorce shouldn’t seem like such a difficult idea to embrace, yet may people are against it. Rob Kruyt struggles several years after his own divorce to find more time with the son he loves and Georgialee Lang, a local lawyer, writer and social activist, supports the notion of children spending half their time with each parent in a divorce."

conservativewoman.com Holly’s Letter from America: Women rescue divorced fathers fighting to see their children
"It’s a sad fact that in the US, we have a broken family court system. It fails the children of divorced parents by essentially alienating them from one of their parents through unfair child custody arrangements. The good news is that there are several national organizations gaining serious traction in trying to change this. One of these organizations is Leading Woman for Shared Parenting (LW4SP). ......"

prnewswire.com Four National Shared Parenting Organizations Join Forces On North Dakota's Shared Parenting For Kids Ballot Initiative
" Today, four national shared parenting organizations—Leading Women for Shared Parenting, Divorce Corp, Stand Up for Gus and American Coalition for Fathers & Children—announced they will be working jointly to educate the public about the benefits of North Dakota's shared parenting initiative, which was recently certified by Secretary of State Alvin Jaeger as an addition to the ballot for the upcoming election on November 4, 2014......"

townhall.com Leading Women For Shared Parenting Celebrates its One-Year Anniversary on Father’s Day
"It has been exactly one year since the organization Leading Women For Shared Parenting(LW4SP) launched, as a fledgling organization with just a handful of women. The group was formed to remedy the unfair child custody system, which encourages parents to fight against each other, hurting children who are deprived of time with their parents and their extended family....."

theatlantic.com The Feminist Leader Who Became a Men's-Rights Activist
"Karen DeCrow, the feminist attorney and author who served as president of the National Organization for Women from 1974 to 1977, died of melanoma last Friday at 76. Although her passing was widely noted in the media, most the obituaries and tributes overlooked the more unorthodox aspects of her work. A lifelong champion of women’s rights, DeCrow was nonetheless skeptical about many key aspects of latter-day feminism, including its focus on sexual violence and male abuse of women....."

Lawyers for Shared Parenting Myths vs Facts Regarding Canada's Bill C-560
"From the 1998 Canadian Senate special joint committee on child custody and access recommendations, to the present, numerous reports and statements concerning the family law system as it relates to contested custody cases have recognized the need for fundamental reform. Former Ontario Chief Justice Warren Winkler has in the past expressed the concern that the current system needs to be rebuilt from the bottom up using new concepts and fresh ideas....."

StarTribune.com Rosenblum: Divorced dads get big gift from fired-up moms
"It’s not all wrapped up yet, but a big gift is arriving for divorced dads who want equal time with their kids. Launched in early May and already claiming a broad spectrum of members across the United States and Canada, a new advocacy group is determined to finally make equally shared parenting a reality...."

ACFC.org Women as Emerging Voices for Equally Shared Parenting
"As efforts to improve outcomes for families have developed over the years there have been numerous attempts to assign labels to those working on behalf of Shared Parenting. Special interest groups, particularly those which gain financially by maintaining the current system..."

Townhall.com New Organization of Leading Women for Shared Parenting
May Finally End Courts Favoring Mothers
"A new group is emerging that may finally change the way Family Courts treat mothers and fathers. Currently, the default in most states is to award the lion's share of the time with the children to mothers..."

Quantumvaleat Leading Women 4 Shared Parenting
"A new organisation called Leading Women 4 Shared Parenting was launched recently. The organisation aims to bring together women from all walks of life who support and promote shared parenting...."

The Good Men Project Why Equally Shared Parenting is Best for Children
"...Groups of women are now starting to assemble to change the system that hurts both them and our children. Leading Women for Shared Parenting (LW4SP) is such a group and I am proud to be a member. LW4SP has one cause: a rebuttable presumption of Equally Shared Parenting in Family Law..."

Divorce Source Radio Women Embrace Shared Parenting
"Have you heard about the new organization, Leading Women for Shared Parenting or LW4SP? This is a group of prominent women who recognize that absent issues of abuse, neglect or abandonment, government policy and laws must be structured in such a way as to maximize the opportunity of all parents to contribute to the social, emotional..."

National Post Barbara Kay: Real Family-law Reform Must Start with Shared Parenting
"No province or territory has a department dedicated to ensuring that non-custodial parents (mostly men) have proper access to their children."

Other Articles We Appreciate

baltimorepostexaminer.com Shared parenting after divorce: Maryland legislators should consider Arizona's success
"The Washington Post recently urged Maryland lawmakers to reject a presumption of shared parenting time for the children of divorced parents. The Post Editorial Board made the false assumption that it would impose a one-size-fits-all rule on the number of overnights and prevent judges from using discretion in individual cases to protect children. This specter is typically raised by those who aren’t familiar with how these laws are written, as well as by those who are ideologically opposed to shared parenting time..........."

marylandreporter.com Shared parenting brightens the lives of children of divorce
"The chance to brighten the lives of children through reform of custody laws has rightly become a major issue in Maryland. As a recent Washington Post editorial highlighted, Maryland lawmakers are considering recommendations from a special commission that studied child custody decisions............"

time.com This Divorce Arrangement Stresses Kids Out Most
"Regarding the wellbeing of kids with divorced parents, the debate over what kind of custody arrangement is best rages on. But a new study, published Monday in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, suggests that children fare better when they spend time living with both of their parents.........."

spectator.org A World Without Fathers
"Nightht after night I watch my World War One and World War Two documentaries. I just finished the BBC’s The World at War, 30 hours or so on WWII, surely as fine a piece of work on film as there has ever been. The writers got the Battle of Midway totally confused with the Marianas Turkey Shoot and got quite a bit wrong about Leningrad. But the series in general is magnificent. Laurence Olivier’s narration is subtle beyond belief. His command of the material is stupefyingly potent........."

kfoxtv.com Parental Alienation
"Parental alienation is a devastating problem affecting millions of families around the world. Unfortunately, much like how we addressed domestic violence several decades ago, we treat parental alienation as a domestic issue rather than as a problem that affects communities, school systems, police and court systems, mental health and financial institutions, and legislative bodies. I will discuss how our social and cultural systems sanction and even promote parental alienation at the expense of our children, and what can be done about it. ......."

kfoxtv.com Special Report: Interference with child custody not enforced in Texas
"A KFOX14 special assignment has discovered it is the unwritten policy of Texas law enforcement to not make arrests or charge persons with the crime of interference with child custody. Under Texas Penal Code 25.03, interference with child custody is when someone takes or retains a child when that person knows that the taking or retention of the child violates a judgment or order. It is considered a state jail felony, punishable by up to two years in prison......."

buildingboys.net Is Shared Parenting Best for Boys After Divorce?
"I did not plan to get divorced. I did not plan to share legal and physical custody of my four children. In fact, in the early days of our divorce, I strongly believed that my then-husband should not evenly share parenting and decision making power with me......"

journalstar.com 3 Column: Shared parenting: preventative medicine for kids
"Columnist and family psychologist John Rosemond recently wrote that when deciding contested custody cases, judges should avoid equal parenting outcomes and instead give one parent primary custody with the other parent receiving limited parenting time (“Custody should focus on fairness to kids,” LJS, Feb. 20.)....."

pjmedia.com 3 Studies About Fatherhood that Will Shock You (But Shouldn’t)
"Common law, case law, moves slowly. It basically crowd-sources notions of fairness and justice over time and turns them into rules. Normally this works well. But when the assumptions that informed the common law were faulty, then precedent drags positive change....."

The Telegraph Why do advertisers portray men as idiots?
"A new survey has revealed that women are angry with the way men are depicted in TV adverts - so why aren't men complaining, asks Harry de Quetteville....."

Marketing Week The Five Myths of Marketing to Mums
"There are five myths of marketing to mums, detailed below, that marketers must wake up to and overcome if they are to reach this group effectively......"

Sydney Morning Herald Movement on Fathers' Overnight Access
"Barriers constraining divorced fathers having their young children stay with them overnight may be lifted, with key family law organisations revising policies blocking overnight care of infants and toddlers....."

JournalStar.com Local View: Why does Nebraska State Bar oppose shared parenting?
"More than three dozen medical studies indicate that shared parenting arrangements after divorce – joint decision making and near-equal parenting time -- provide the best outcomes for children. These studies also show that every-other-weekend parenting time arrangements, which are commonly ordered by Nebraska judges, are harmful...."

Boca Raton Observer Equal Split: For More Divorced Moms and Dads, Parenting Remains a Joint Venture
"For children of divorce who grew up in the 1970s and '80s, here's waht life in a broken home typically looked like: Weekdays were spent with Stay-at-Home-Mom, who handled all school matters, doctors' appointments, cooking, shopping, and laundry. Weekends - or every other weekend - were spent with Breadwinner Dad...."

The Boston Globe The Broken Dialogue on Men’s Rights
"NEVER MIND the “war on women:” According to growing numbers of bloggers, activists, and authors — some of them women — it’s males in modern Western society who are under siege and whose rights need defending. Is this the next frontier for gender justice, or a woman-hating backlash?...."

The Washington Post Why Fathers Will Always Matter
"While government agents and bounty hunters feel virtuous for collecting child support, we do little else to improve the lot of fatherless children or to insist that fathers do matter and that their incremental elimination from the family equation - physically, emotionally and spiritually - is the greatest error in modern human history." - Kathleen Parker"

American Psychological Assoc. Children Likely to be Better Adjusted in Joint Vs Sole Custody Arrangements in Most Cases, According to Review of Research
"WASHINGTON - Children from divorced families who either live with both parents at different times or spend certain amounts of time with each parent are better adjusted in most cases than children who live and interact with just one parent, according to new research on custody arrangements and children's adjustment...."

Psychology Today Co-Parenting After Divorce: Rising to the challenge
"More recent research has examined actual parenting time as opposed to frequency of contact (less frequent transitions, but shared or equal parenting time), and has found not only that shared parenting is not harmful in high conflict situations, but shared parenting can ameliorate the harmful effects of high conflict: a warm relationship with both parents is a protective factor for children."

Uinta County Herald Child Support System Broken
"Men: Go to work. Send money. Leave child rearing to women. This is the unofficial message Wyoming Family Services sent when they issued their 2013 calendar. In the 12 photos of children interacting with adults, men appeared twice. In one photo, the token male...."

Star Tribune Time, perhaps, to get courts out of divorce
"After watching this process for years, I have come to the conclusion that the time has come to consider taking divorce out of the hands of lawyers and judges and putting it in the hands of the parties and whatever advisers they choose." Judge Bruce Peterson

ASU News Professor instrumental in passage of groundbreaking divorce law
"Law gives more children equal time with both parents.
William Fabricius, an associate psychology professor at ASU, is working to give children of divorce a voice through his research and by working on groundbreaking statute changes as a member of the state Legislature’s Arizona Domestic Relations Committee..."

lawdiva.wordpress.com The Case for Shared Parenting
"There is a groundswell of activity and energy swirling throughout North America as lawmakers take a closer look at shared parenting, also known as joint physical custody. Despite the best efforts of dinosaur lawyers and jaded feminists to disparage a better model for parenting, shared parenting is a child-centered response to the institutionalized model of parenting that has plagued families far too long..."

What Lawyers are Saying About LW4SP


Massachusetts Group of Women Leaders Seeks Gender Equity in Child Custody
"A somewhat surprising group of women with national prominence has founded a new family law advocacy group called Leading Women for Shared Parenting, or LW4SP, with the goal of bringing greater gender equity...."

Illinois New Women's Group Seeks to Promote Fathers' Rights in Parenting
"What does feminist and former president of the National Organization for Women Karen DeCrow have in common with Phyllis Schlafly, a noted ultra-conservative and founder of the Eagle Forum, a group fighting for traditional family values? They're both founding members of a new advocacy group...."

Missouri Female advocacy group pushing for fathers' rights
"When it comes to fathers' rights -- meaning equal custody and visitation time -- this is something that affects not only dads, but the entire family -- including ex-wives and children. And, while the courts are starting to come around with shared parenting...."

Texas Some Women Advocate for Shared Parenting, Father's Rights
"It's not just men who are fighting for father's rights. A women's group, "Leading Women for Shared Parenting," was recently founded in Massachusetts and is making waves across the nation. Members include congresswomen, social workers, attorneys, domestic abuse experts and other high-profile players in family court...."

California New All-Woman Group to Advocate for Gender Fairness in Family Law
"Is equally-shared parenting a reality in California family law? Probably not. Innumerable people -- parents, family law attorneys and advocacy groups -- continue to argue that judges here and across the U.S. make child custody, visitation and child support decisions in a way that heavily favors women. Moreover, many say that these parenting arrangements set kids up for a childhood marred by arguments and legal disputes....."

California Happy Father’s Day from Mothers In Support of Shared Parenting – It’s True!
"This past weekend was Father’s Day. For many fathers, this is one of their favorite days of the year because they know they are going to be able to spend this day with their children. The remainder of the year, many fathers are considered non-custodial parents, meaning they have the children in their care less than 50% of the time. Hours can be spent discussing why this is the reality; but the real question to be debated is whether it is in the best interest of the children for the laws to change and provide that the default decision is to implement a 50/50....."

Minnesota Drive for Equal Parenting Time for Dads Comes to Minnesota
"Everybody seems to be for it regardless of what side of the political fence they happen to fall on. So why isn't it a matter of law that when parents divorce, equal parenting time between mother and father isn't the default setting for most child custody agreements? There's no good answer to the question, except....."

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