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Leading Women for Shared Parenting Welcomes its New Members

Thank you to all who have signed the LW4SP statement, become members, asked to recieve our newsletter and to all our volunteers.  We are absolutley thrilled by the response we've received to the LW4SP concept, and are working hard to build a strong organization.  Although we opened our Website and Facebook page one week ago, we will be Officially Launching LW4SP on Fathers Day and are working on significant plans for our future. 

LW4SP & the Simple Lessons of History

LW4SP was founded based upon the simple lessons of History.  When one looks at the history of “Rights Movements”, the same story is told in repetition.  The question was not if African Americans deserved equal rights….they did.  The question was, were White people going to be fair?  The question was not if Women deserved the right to vote….they did.  The question was, were Men going to be fair?  This movement will be no different.  The question is not if Children deserve equal time with their Fathers….they do.  The question is, are Women going to be fair?  Further, we have the benefit of already knowing the answer as Poll after Poll has shown between 78% and 87% of the Public supports Equally Shared Parenting.  The only way one achieves such numbers is through the majority of Women supporting our Cause.  


When Whites began adding their voices to those calling for African American rights, the fight was over.  When Men started adding their voices to those calling for Women to have the right to vote, the fight was over.  LW4SP knows that when Women add their voices to those calling for Equally Shared Parenting, this fight too will be won.

We've Got Lots of Work to Do and Need Your Help !
Although we appreciate you signing the LW4SP Statement, can you do more?  Send the LW4SP Statement along to Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Sisters, Wives, and Fair Minded Women everywhere so they too can Endorse the Statement.  LW4SP has been designed as a platform for Women to show both Legislators and the Media what studies alredy show: THE MAJORITY OF WOMEN SUPPORT EQUALLY SHARED PARENTING !  Help us get that message out by sending the LW4SP Statement to the Women you Love and care about.   

Want Your Photo Included with Our Leading Women ?
New LW4SP Member Shannon Jacuzzi did just that by sending along her photo.  If you'd like to include your picture on the LW4SP site, simply send one to our e-mail address and we'll add it to the LW4SP website along with our other Leading Women.  We know the saying is "a picture is worth a thousand words", but LW4SP believes "ten thousand pictures are worth a change in Family Law."   

Founding LW4SP

For some years a number of prominent women in media and politics have been championing the issue of Equally Shared Parenting in the public forum of ideas and in policy-making circles.  Eventually they sought a common platform from which they could bring their support to effective attention and positive legislative action. Thus LW4SP came into being.

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