Fatherlessness in the newS

May 31, 2019 - New Jersey 101.5 15 people shot in Trenton. Why violent crime keeps happening
"Fifteen people were shot in Trenton this weekend. It's just the latest example of violent crime in our cities. Why does this keep happening? Fatherless homes. Period, full stop...."

May 1, 2019 - Patriot Post 'Boyz n the Hood' Are Missing Something
"On Monday, April 29, 2019, John Singleton, American film director, screenwriter, and producer best known for directing “Boyz n the Hood” (1991), died. Straight out of the University of Southern California, Singleton penned the script for the movie at just 21 years old. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director, becoming, at age 24, the youngest person to have ever been nominated for that award. This motion picture would go on to gross $57.5 million in North America on a budget of just $6.5 million...."

Feb. 16, 2019 - Journal Standard My View: Fatherlessness an epidemic that threatens our future
"It’s quietly destroying the lives of our children and young people. It’s not Ebola. Its fatherlessness. Is "epidemic" too strong? Edward Kruk, Ph.D., writes, "Given the fact that . . . other social problems correlate more strongly with fatherlessness than with any other factor, surpassing race, social class and poverty, father absence may be the most critical social issue of our times.* A British report from the University of Birmingham confirms Kruk’s statement when it reports, "The need for a father is on an epidemic scale, and ‘father deficit’ should be treated as a public health issue"..."

Jan. 3, 2019 - VS Star The shutdown of the American family
"The talk on the news these days is mostly about a shutdown and when it is going to be over, how much it matters, whether it isn’t more about dysfunctional politics than anything else and what ..."

Oct. 25, 2018 - Baltimore Post-Examiner Fatherlessness is the root cause of Balitomre and Maryland violence
"Maryland and Baltimore have a terrible problem of violence and intimidation, and their root cause is not drugs, police corruption and incompetence or poverty.
All of these are problematic, but none of them constitutes something that can be mostly removed, or even majorly alleviated. The key to identifying a root cause is that its solution leads to the elimination of the outcomes for which the cause is sought. Otherwise, the efforts to pacify dangerous cities are just one dispiriting, depressing game of whack-a-mole."

May 10, 2018 - Newsweek America's real racism? Ignoring the senseless killing of our black, fatherless boys
"And last, far too many journalists aren’t interested in getting at a primary cause of much of the senseless gun violence in America: fatherlessness.
That’s right. Fatherlessness."

April 09, 2018 - LBC Ex-Gang Member Reveals Remarkable Stat On Why Violent Crime Has Rocketed
"A gang campaigner told LBC that 9 in 10 youngsters caught up in gangs come from a fatherless household."

March 27, 2018 - The Daily Caller There Are Big Consequences When Fatherhood, And The Societal Role Of Men, Diminishes
"I grew up without a father. Well, sort of. My parents divorced in the 1960s when I was a small child, and I stayed with my mother in Los Angeles. My father remarried and moved to a small suburb of Atlanta known as Tucker. For one month out of the year in the summer, I would fly back and spend time with my dad, so I had a father at times."

March 27, 2018 - The Washington Timesr Link between mass shooters, absent fathers ignored by anti-gun activists
"Gun control activists are quick to blame mass shootings on the proliferation of firearms, but are less likely to point to the proliferation of fatherless households. Yet research shows that school shooters tend to come from broken homes, where one or more parent is absent, addicted or abusive. Warren Farrell, co-author of the just-released “The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It,” said the frequency at which fathers are absent has been devastating for the development of boys. He pointed to research showing that boys without fathers fare worse than boys with fathers on more than 70 different metrics."
March 27, 2018 - The Daily Caller ‘Epidemic Of Fatherlessness’ – Mike Rowe Delivers Heartfelt Message About The Importance Of Dads
"Mike Rowe shared an important message about fatherhood on Facebook Tuesday. It may not be politically correct, but it’s something his fans will love to hear. “A couple years ago, when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were getting divorced, Jolie was quoted as saying, ‘It never even crossed my mind that my son would need a father,'” Rowe wrote."
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March 20, 2018 - The Telegraph Lads Need Dads: one mum's mission to save British masculinity
"Having trained as a criminologist and counsellor and worked on front-line services with troubled men for over 20 years, Shaljean says her immersive and compassionate approach led to an awakening. “I’d worked a lot in anger management and change and started to piece together the affects of absent fathers when I was working across the domestic abuse, probation, homeless and addiction sectors. I started to ask: ‘Why are they like that?’ I saw the common thread of absent dads."

March 19, 2018 - The New York Times Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys
"“They’re not talking about the direct effects of a boy’s own parents’ marital status. They’re talking about the presence of fathers in a given census tract.” Other fathers in the community can provide boys with role models and mentors, researchers say, and their presence may indicate other neighborhood factors that benefit families, like lower incarceration rates and better job opportunities."

March 19, 2018 - The Daily Caller America Has A Major Fatherlessness Problem On Its Hands
"Changes in policy and culture have substantially contributed to creating fatherless children and it’s entirely possible that those changes can be negated or even reversed. The Guardian called to “put parenthood – not marriage or motherhood – at the heart of family policy”. Government should also take the profit out of creating fatherless children. But these are generalities which need to be dissected in much more detail."

March 17, 2018 - Aiken Standard FAMILY AND MARRIAGE: Who needs fathers?”
"Psychologist Rob Palkovitz notes “paternal absence has been cited by multiple scholars as the single greatest risk factor in teen pregnancy for girls."

March 05, 2018 - The Post Millennial What Elephants Can teach us About Gun Violence and “Toxic Masculinity”
"It’s easy to blame “toxic masculinity” for violence in our society. It’s more difficult to acknowledge that for many decades our cultural elites have downgraded the role of fathers and ignored the incomparable advantages children from stable, two-parent homes have over those raised without fathers. "

March 03, 2018 - Arkansas Online Missing Fathers
"Broken families, bloody and violent video games and peer pressure that have steadily poisoned forming minds, the need for two-parent incomes to stay afloat, and particularly the missing fathers, largely caused by divorce, all play into our nation’s complex and serious problem. Still, we immediately blame the easiest political target, the chosen weapon, when a killer decides to use one to slay classmates or other innocents. The national problem created by missing fathers is far more intimate and complex to address and resolve."

March 01, 2018 - Daily Caller How the Government Creates Shooters (And Other Criminals)
"As many are coming to realize, by far the main predictor of shooting rampages – along with all other criminality and virtually every social pathology among young males – is a home without a father. This has long been established by so much research (and refuted by none) that it is becoming tedious to have to repeat it. Indeed, one wonders why, with the huge acknowledgement this fact now enjoys, does that problem continue? After all, we promoted perfunctory “responsible fatherhood” programs back in the Clinton administration, later relabeled as “healthy marriage” initiatives during the Bush years. They had zero impact, and since then the problem has only become worse. "

February 28, 2018 - The Indiana Gazette Fatherless homes factor in shootings
"Consider a joint federal study showing that 63 percent of youth suicides are from fatherless homes; as often as not, mass shooters are simultaneously suicidal. Robert Sampson, a Harvard sociologist, has observed that urban violence is concentrated in neighborhoods with mostly single-parent homes. A Michigan State University study found 75 percent of examined adolescent murderers were from fatherless homes. The Centers for Disease Control says 85 percent of children with behavioral disorders have only a mother in the home. Wilcox also says children with both married parents around are less likely to drop out of school, to become drug addicts or to grow up impoverished."

February 27, 2018 - Daily Caller Where Fatherlessness Manifests Into Violence
"Perhaps Parkland will be the turning point. Perhaps national media will give the top social issue in the country the attention it deserves. Because if we don’t address it, its not if another school shooting will happen…. It’s just when. And then we’ll just be waiting to see, if the shooter had a father."

February 19, 2018 - The Blaze Glenn on the Florida shooting: Our nation is suffering an epidemic of ‘fatherless’ children
"James and Kimberly Snead, the couple who welcomed Nikolas Cruz into their home after his adoptive mother died in November, described the 19-year-old Florida school shooter as “very polite” and “normal,” during an interview on “Good Morning America” Monday. James Snead and his wife had tried to help Nikolas by letting him move in with them when his adoptive mother died last November. His adoptive father died in 2004."

February 25, 2018 - Fox News Missing fathers and America's broken boys - the vast majority of mass shooters come from broken homes
"My most recent article about the Parkland school shooting and its connection to fatherlessness prompted a tsunami of emails. In one of those emails, a man named Fritz asked what I considered to be the root of fatherlessness. I decided to write a follow-up article to answer that question."

February 17, 2018 - PJ Media When Will We Have the Guts to Link Fatherlessness to School Shootings?
"Now that the gun control advocates have had their fifteen minutes of fame, let’s start focusing on the real issues impacting the rise in school shootings since that..."

May 14, 2013 - Daily Mail A quarter of young girls with absent fathers' grow into...
"Almost a quarter of girls whose fathers were absent during early childhood suffer depression as teenagers, a report says. Some 23 per cent will show symptoms such as sadness or severe tiredness later in life if their parent leaves before they turn five, researchers found. It makes them almost 50 per cent more likely to have future mental health problems than older girls, confirming previous studies that suggest pre-schoolers cope badly with break-ups because they are less likely to have a support network of friends and other family members. "<

January 29, 2018 - The Gleaner Michael Abrahams | Fatherless And Hurting
"The studies on absent fathers are many, and the effects are well documented. Absent fathers contribute to children’s diminished self-esteem and compromised physical and emotional security. Self-loathing, emotional struggles and behavioural problems are more common with these children, with some developing intimidating personas, or depending on drugs,in an attempt to mask their fears, resentments and anger. I recall a schoolmate of mine who was a bully, and very disruptive. After leaving school he battled drug addiction, and I was informed by several sources that he would verbally abuse and beat his wife. When I came across him again decades later in adulthood, he revealed to me that he had been expelled from several schools, and as we became re-acquainted, he lamented the absence of his father from his life. It was not only painful for him then, but from his tone and body language, I could tell that was still hurting even in his late forties.There is no doubt that his father’s absence contributed to his torment."<

January 27, 2018 - The Spokesman-Review Sue Lani Madsen: No replacement for a father’s love
"It’s called the “father factor.” It’s at the root of every negative cultural measure – children twice as likely to drop out of high school, more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, seven times more likely to become a teen pregnancy statistic. Addressing the overwhelming consequences of absent fathers was the focus of the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative’s 2018 conference last Saturday. The initiative seeks to build stronger dads and stronger families. “Spokane as the birthplace of Father’s Day is a good place to energize the fatherhood movement,” said Ron Hauenstein, SpoFI chairman."<

November 14, 2017 - WDEL Community calls for more help for children in first public meeting with Family Cabinet Council
"Fatherless sons is a very serious problem, I don't know how many people we had sitting in our prison system that are father's that need their children and their children need their father's, fatherless sons is a very serious issue in Delaware. We need to get father's back in the homes, or we're going to have more problems than we can handle"<

September 7, 2017 - Conservative Home Derek Thomas: Better support for fathers would reduce family breakdown and improve children’s life chances
"As a country we are sleep walking into a fatherlessness crisis."

August 9, 2017 - The Washington Times The hidden expense of fatherless families
"Several years ago, National Fatherhood Initiative conducted a study called The Hundred Billion Dollar Man that examined the cost of father absence in our nation. As the title suggests, the annual cost was $100 billion, and this was just federal spending, not including state expenditures. Moreover, the analysis did not include the cost of the criminal justice system, which is certainly an on-ramp for family-less fathers. So, given these facts alone, the cost of caring for aging family-less fathers is sure to be in the billions as well."

July 25, 2017 - Baltimore Sun Blame Baltimore violence on a lack of fathers in the home
“Baltimore officials should consider that as they grapple with the city’s rising homicide rate. Adding officers to the streets will not undo the damage done by growing up without a father.”

June 18, 2017 - NPR Poverty, Dropouts, Pregnancy, Suicide: What The Numbers Say About Fatherless Kids
“We're hearing a lot about teen suicide these days. You say the data you've looked at suggest that children growing up without a father are more than twice as likely to commit suicide. It's a tragic outcome that could be prevented. Inclusion of a father is possible, especially if he's interested. But [often fathers are] being denied, and that's not unusual. When a father's access to his child is minimized, or kept to every other weekend, the father is not involved with his child or his child's school.”

June 15, 2017 - Lansing State Journal Dersch: Fatherlessness is the biggest problem facing the country
“Statistically, there is no single better predictor of negative outcomes for children than to have been raised by a single mother. Clearly, fathers matter. Yet despite the plethora of evidence proving the damaging effects of growing up fatherless, family courts continue to award primary custody nearly exclusively to mothers while fathers are systematically removed from their own children’s lives.”

June 14, 2017 - The Daily Journal Honoring Fathers
“Multiple studies suggest that fatherlessness is a major contributor to crime and juvenile delinquency; premature sexuality and out of wedlock births to teenagers; deteriorating education, depression, substance abuse and alienation among adolescents; and the growing number of women and children in poverty.” That list comes from David Popenoe of Rutgers University who says that inadequate fatherhood “is a major force behind many of the most disturbing problems that plague American society.”

June 10, 2017 - post-gazette.com Tomlin Urges Men To Appreciate Daily Role Models
"Rev. Ed Glover, who is the founder and president of Urban Impact, encouraged the men in attendance to “reach out to the fatherless in the community.” He said that more than 40 percent of children in the United States are growing up without fathers. Of homeless and runaway children, about 90 percent are fatherless, as are about 71 percent of high school dropouts, he said. "This isn’t a problem,” he said. “It’s an epidemic.""

June 7, 2017 - inquisitr.com Craigslist Ad For Father’s Day ‘Barbecue Dad’ Sparks Emotional Response From Public
"The story is tugging on heartstrings across the nation. Although Anderson said that the guys are familiar with operating a grill, they really want a dad to be at the party. What is causing people to respond with sadness is Anderson stating that their dads are far away. While there are many fatherless households across the United States, it’s not common to see college students openly stating their need for a father figure."

May 27, 2017 - thesuntimes.com Reversing Fatherlessness in Our Community
"It’s more than a gut feeling. In fact, it’s become enough of a hot topic with the U.S. Census Bureau that they actively track the phenomenon. Some acknowledge it, some politicize it, but most try to ignore it. School principals and teachers, law enforcement and prison wardens, and religious leaders know it’s getting worse and has become an epidemic that is decimating America’s young people.

There is a niggling sense that there is something desperately wrong with the family. In 1999, the National Center for Fathering conducted a poll in which 72.2% of Americans think that fatherlessness is the greatest social issue America faces. According to the U.S. Census Bureau report, “Living Arrangements of Children under 18 Years 2010”, an estimated 24.7 million children live without their biological father. That’s a little over a third of America’s children. Millions more children have a dad physically present in the home, but who aren’t engaged emotionally."

May 13, 2017 - heraldsun.com A Mothers Day lament: Fathers matter
"Lawrence Stone, a noted Princeton family historian put it succinctly, "The scale of marital breakdowns in the West since 1960 has no historical precedent. There has been nothing like it for the last 2,000 years."
These are not meaningless statistics. Indeed, study after study has demonstrated a direct cause-and-effect relationship between this decline of fatherhood and the growth of many problems that plague American society: crime and delinquency, teenage pregnancy, deteriorating education achievement, substance abuse and the growing number of women and children living in poverty.
In North Carolina, which ironically considers itself a bastion of traditional family values, 36 percent of our families do not have fathers present in their homes, 12th highest in the nation, and children living with single mothers are 20 times more likely to live below the poverty line."

April 29, 2017 - hibbingmn.com The ECLIPSE OF FATHERHOOD AND A WAY FORWARD
"What’s new in our culture is the shift in the understanding of the meaning of fatherhood. In the past, an absent father was looked upon as a tragedy. Today it’s a lifestyle choice that may even have imagined advantages.
If it’s just a choice, then what is one choosing? There is no current cultural script for fatherhood. The only observable one is that he is unnecessary. He seems to be seen only in terms of his income.
D. Blankenhorn wrote a book called “Fatherless,” where he highlights that everyone seems to agree that the deadbeat dad is a bad father. But then, what makes him bad? Andrew Cherlin of Johns Hopkins University to the U.S. House Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families, expressed one response to this question. He said that, “the major problem the children have in a single-parent family is not the lack of a male image, but rather the lack of a male income.” The problem with the deadbeat dad is not because he abandons his children, but because he does not pay."

April 20, 2017 - newsok.com Prayer breakfast speaker invites crowd to divine nuptials
Meanwhile, in his keynote speech, Philpot said he has learned through his judicial role that the number one crisis facing America is fatherlessness. He also said "marriage is disappearing" and divorce is "way more tragic than you think it is."

April 17, 2017 - newbostonpost.com No Father - No Peace
"Again, the issue of is not simply racial. In my mostly-white state of Maine, 43 percent of births in 2013 were to single mothers, according to the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting. Its investigation reported that the situation is “creating a generation of children who struggle in school, will have a hard time qualifying for a decent job, and are more likely to have run-ins with the law and suffer from mental health problems."

March 23, 2017 - wsbt.com Another boy is murdered as policy feeds poverty
"Yet government just shrugs as if nothing can be done about it, even as government is always clamoring for more legislation to alter behavior — to tax cigarettes more to deter smoking, to tax sugary drinks and fast food to deter obesity, to require motorcyclists to wear helmets, and so forth — even as the targeted problems are not a fraction as serious as those of fatherless children."

March 23, 2017 - wsbt.com Groups hope mentors can step in for 'fatherless generation' in Elkhart County
"FBI data shows that 70 percent of children who are in jail don't have a father figure in their life. Statistics show kids who are father-deprived are also twice as likely to quit school and 11 times more likely to be violent."

February 11, 2017 - The Guardian Fathers help create happy families, but the state neglects their role
"Family is by far the most important influence on a child’s life. Yet family policy is a relatively modern invention: 30 years ago, the state played a very limited role beyond the financial in directly supporting families. There have been many positive developments since then, but family policy continues to place too little emphasis on fatherhood. "

February 10, 2017 - Thy Black Man Who’s Your Daddy?
"Black mothers can not replace the complete absence of a father figure by increasing their involvement with their children. In fact, it is those children without a father figure in their lives who engage in fewer activities and talk about fewer issues with their mothers all together. "

February 1, 2017 - Journal Inquirer Legislators are starting to notice Connecticut is being eaten alive
"The more DCF chews state government's leg off, the more legislators seem obliged to consider how much money could be saved if there wasn't so much child neglect and abuse and particularly so much fatherlessness and whether public policies have had anything to do with the explosion of those pathologies. Eight hundred million dollars a year forever might seem worth a question or two, like: Where are all the messed-up kids coming from?."

Jan 31, 2017 - Goshen News Elkhart County needs mentors to combat 'fatherless epidemic'
"How can grown men not accept the most cherished responsibility they have,” he said, noting that fathers stepping away from a child often has to do with troubled relations with the mother. “Most of what we’ve seen is a dad not present because of stress with Mom, not because of the kids."

November 29, 2016 - MercatorNet Fatherhood: the antidote to the poverty problem
"In the overwhelming majority of divorce cases in many countries, custody of the children is given to the mother.9 Although children who are victims of divorce still have a father, the severing of their parents’ marriage often severs the consistent influence from the father."

October 25, 2016 - The Daily Caller The Day After The Election: Sound The Alarm
"New research is showing that White Working Class neighborhoods now struggle with joblessness, fatherlessness, and drug abuse at rates comparable to inner city slums in places like South Chicago or East Los Angeles."

September 27, 2016 - Yahoo 5 Things Every Fatherless Daughter Needs to Know
"In our research we found that at least one in three women see themselves as fatherless. The majority of them felt that losing the bond with their fathers deeply affected multiple areas of their lives, including their emotional and physical health. Their number one fear was being abandoned again, and their main coping mechanism was isolation."

September 25, 2017 – Valley Morning Star Dysfunctional parenting: Are we really failing our youth?
"Today 34 percent of youth (24 million) live absent their biological father. Data from the Texas Department of Corrections tells us that 85 percent of inmates came from fatherless homes; and that percentage still holds true for youthful offenders. The U.S. Department of health tells us that 63 percent of youth suicides are from fatherless homes. The Centers for Disease Control tell us that 85 percent of children who show behavior disorders come from a fatherless home. The National Principles Association tells us that 71 percent of school dropouts come from fatherless homes. In fact, children who live absent their biological father are, on average, two to three times more to be poor, to use alcohol and other drug substances, to experience health, educational, emotional and behavioral problems, to be victims of child abuse, and to engage in criminal behavior more than their peers who live with married, biological (or adoptive) parents."

September 12, 2016 – New Haven Register New Haven event to celebrate importance of fathers
"According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 24 million children live apart from their biological fathers or in fatherless homes. Studies consistently show that children who have a father present in their life are more likely to do well in school, demonstrate fewer behavioral challenges, and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors such as substance abuse and criminal activity, according to a release from officials of the state Department of Children and Families."

August 27, 2016 – Kearney Hub Fatherhood should lead president’s legacy list
"Too many American children are being born and raised in fatherless homes. Growing up without a father’s love, guidance and financial support is tough. According to Kids Count, a research project of the Annie B. Casey Foundation, almost half of American children are born to single parents. The rate is higher among blacks. This trend is cheating future generations, and it’s draining our nation’s financial resources. Expensive and impersonal government programs just can’t take the place of caring, committed fathers."

August 26, 2016 – New Hampshire Union Leader Another View -- Jim Rubens: Black fatherhood matters
"Among blacks, 66 percent live in a home without married parents. Where 21 percent of white children live without their biological father in the home, for black children, 58 percent live without their biological father. 71 percent of all teens with a drug or alcohol abuse disorder, 70 percent of all teen pregnancies, and 60 percent of all rapists grew up in a fatherless home."

August 24, 2016 – The Daily Caller A Social Policy For Donald Trump
"Virtually every social pathology is directly connected to fatherless homes (not to poverty or race)."

August 22, 2016 – Observer Dispatch MORGAN: Where are all the dads?
"Yes, there are other ingredients. Other causes. But this is the biggie. This is the underpinning. This is the linchpin. The catalyst. We know what it is. Sociologists know. Criminologists know. Various and assorted ologists know. Cops and preachers know. Teachers and shopkeepers know. Mothers know. The evil ingredient is also the one that can improve the situation more than any other. It is called Dad.""

August 20, 2016 – Journal Inquirer Free meals are not nearly enough for Connecticut's neglected kids
"Rather it was another indication of Connecticut's impoverishment and social disintegration as well as its political ineptitude. For not so long ago in Connecticut nearly all children had parents who did their damnedest to see that their kids were fed and clothed decently. Now, of course, quite apart from the hard times the state is experiencing, 40 percent or more of children in the state have only one parent or are in the custody of a grandparent, and in the state's cities the fatherlessness rate approaches 90 percent."

July 31, 2016 – Des Moines Register Black fathers matter in search for race solutions
"The following data show how the absence of fathers impacts youth:"
  • Children in fatherless homes are five times more likely to be at or below the poverty level.
  • 63 percent of youth suicides are from fatherless homes.
  • 71 percent of high school dropouts are from fatherless homes.
  • 90 percent of homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes.

July 3, 2016 – Jamaica Observer We must encourage responsible fatherhood to reduce crime
"Research done in the Caribbean, the United States and the United Kingdom show that fatherless children are 11 times more likely to display violent behaviour; nine times more likely to run away from home, becoming victims or perpetrators of crime; twice as likely to drop out of school; six times more likely to have behavioural disorders; six times more likely to end up in prison; nine times more likely to become gang members and more than twice as likely to experience teen pregnancy, among other outcomes. There is no doubt that fatherlessness is socially destructive and this has implications for all of society. Even the names of some of our violent gangs are telling such as the ‘Fatherless Crew’."

June 17, 2016 – Daily Caller Republicans Should Man Up On Fatherlessness
"Historically, between 33 percent and 50 percent of children whose family experiences divorce lose complete contact with one parent within 3 years. Using the low estimate, U.S. Family Courts create a fatherless child every single minute of every single day."

June 17, 2016 – Harlan Daily Enterprise Fathers make a difference
"According to this information, 63 percent of suicides amount youth happen in fatherless homes. Homeless and runaway children come from fatherless homes 90 percent of the time. Children with behavior disorders come from homes without a father 85 percent of the time. Rapists with anger issues are 80 percent likely to come from homes missing a father. High school dropout rates include 71 percent coming from fatherless homes. The list goes on and on."

June 16, 2016 – St. Claire News Fathering the Fatherless
"“It’s an epidemic,” Nix said, “I think it’s a crisis in America that hardly anyone talks about and it’s the root cause of so many problems.” He believes that crime, teenage pregnancy and so many other problems plaguing our society would be eradicated if we had more loving, supportive fathers in the home."

June 16. 2016 – USA Today Obama's next project should be fatherhood: Column
"We face a vicious cycle of absent father households creating large disadvantages for the sons of those fathers, reinforcing the gender gap in educational attainment and labor market advancement."

June 15, 2016 – Sacramento Observer Legacy Celebration Addresses Fatherlessness in Sacramento For Father’s Day Weekend
"Fatherlessness has become a pandemic social disease in our society negatively affecting 30 million children nationwide and more than 200,000 children in the Sacramento region."

June 14, 2016 - Journal Star No one is Fatherless
"America is rapidly becoming a fatherless society, or perhaps more accurately, an absentee father society. The importance and influence of fathers in families has been in significant decline since the Industrial Revolution and is now reaching critical proportions."

June 14. 2016 - National Post (Canada) Barbara Kay: Want to help society? Let kids know their fathers
Fatherlessness is a greater predictor than poverty for negative outcomes in children. It is the common denominator for adolescent murderers (72 per cent), imprisoned rapists (60 per cent), and juveniles sentenced to state institutions (70 per cent). Other amply researched negative outcomes strongly linked with fatherlessness are poor scholastic achievement, low self-esteem and gang association."

June 9, 2016 - Examiner Celebrating Father's Day 2016 Amid Rising Fatherlessness in America
"That’s because fatherlessness is now said to be the biggest family and social problem we face today. Indeed, fathers.com goes so far as to say that, “If it were classified as a disease, fatherlessness would be an epidemic worthy of attention as a national emergency.”"

May 19, 2016 - Daily Caller Fatherlessness: What Are Republicans Doing About It?
"The already large and still growing collection of research confirming fathers’ importance shows that fatherlessness is a root cause of so many of society’s ills from crime to income inequality to public budgets."

April 27, 2016 – Ocala Star Banner Editorial: A look at the fatherless crisis
“It is a major, maybe the major socioeconomic, indeed, familial issue facing Ocala/Marion County and the country today.”

April 21, 2016 – Meridian Star Green Valentine
"I read that in a survey of public school teachers in 1940, the top disciplinary problems listed included talking out of turn, chewing gum, running in the halls, dress-code violations, and littering. More than a half century later, the problems teachers contend with are drug and alcohol abuse, pregnancy, suicide, rape, robbery, and assault. Teachers and administrators say that things are worse for students now than ever before. One junior high school teacher commented, “I can’t believe the things they do to themselves and to each other.” A kindergarten teacher recently told me that her five and six year old students are restless, angry, and some even have the addictive habit of cutting themselves. A grandmother told me that her grandson, whom she is raising, has admitted to having suicidal thoughts. He is ten years old. Many children have a daily struggle to survive. Bullying happens in schools and on internet social media, and it often causes teens to commit suicide. Poverty and fatherless homes may be the reason for many of these problems today, but there is also the curse of addiction which invades even the best of homes."

Feb 21, 2016 – Ocala Star Banner Fatherless kids pay the price
"Study after study has found that children from fatherless homes are more likely to be discipline problems, do poorly in school, to abuse alcohol and drugs, to commit suicide, to be victims of sexual abuse, to drop out of school, to commit crimes, to suffer emotional problems and to have little or no contact with their fathers"

February 16, 2016 – PJ Media Why Aren't We Discussing Fatherlessness?
"Children raised without a father in the home are more at risk for dropping out of school, using drugs, having emotional problems, and becoming involved in crime, just to name a few."

February 11, 2016 – Southeast Missourian Area lawmakers seek joint child custody as default setting for couples?
"Wallingford referred to statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice showing single-parent homes account for 63 percent of teen suicides, 70 percent of juveniles in state-operated institutions, 71 percent of high-school dropouts and 85 percent of children in prison. “Most fatherlessness is not caused by abandonment; it’s created by an outdated court system,” Wallingford said. “Kids need both parents, and this is in the best interest of the child.”"

July 14, 2015 – The Federalist Guess Which Mass Murderers Came From A Fatherless Home
"It’s no coincidence that, much like the number of fatherless children, the number of mass shootings has exploded since the 1960s. Throughout the entire 1960s, six mass shootings took place. That number doubled in 1970. Heck, 2012 alone saw more mass shootings than the sixties did."

June 18, 2015 – Elite Daily America leads the industrialized world in fatherlessness.
"Women are also about six times likelier to get sole custody of their children after separating from their fathers. In some cases, men even go to jail for falling behind on child support payments. In South Carolina, for example, about one out of seven inmates are imprisoned for this very reason, and 75 percent of them were unemployed or having trouble finding work. How sending them to jail will help them, their families, or taxpayers is a mystery. And. again, for children with fathers, dads are missing out on crucial bonding time."

June 8, 2015 – Fox Wilmington (NC) Combating fatherlessness in southeastern North Carolina
"According to Communities in Schools officials, one middle school in Wilmington has 253 students, but only 4 of those students live at home with their biological father. It's this startling statistic that has the Communities in Schools - Cape Fear Branch scrambling to recruit more male role models as a part of their Cape Fear Fathers campaign. The organization's main goal is to prevent high school dropouts. Communities in Schools officials say 71 percent of high school dropouts are fatherless."

March 18, 2015 – CNS News The Plague of Fatherlessness
"It is very clear that fatherlessness imposes significant costs upon fatherless children individually and collectively, and also upon society. Society could reduce the tragedy by creating legal, economic and social incentives for in-home parenting, and by imposing legal, economic and social dis-incentives for parents who abandon children and fail to exercise regular, reasonable and responsible parenting – including visitation of their children not in their custody. Visitation by a non-custodial parent has been deemed a parental privilege in family law. Perhaps it is time to reform visitation law to make it clear that regular, responsible parental association and activity with children by the non-custodial parent is also an important social responsibility. It is a duty not only of non-custodial fathers, but which custodial mothers also have a duty to facilitate."

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